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Spreading Passion and Reading Knowledge (S.P.A.R.K) was an initiative that began as a school assignment for two 8th Grade middle school students participating in Dr. Haiken’s “Genius Hour” at Rye Middle School in NY. HUGS Ambassador Simone and friend Remi not only hosted a book drive that received over 1,000 donated books, but also designed and launched a successful T-shirt booster that raised over $600 for their campaign and for the #HUGSBookshare Program.

(Image: Powerful image created by the GMH Graphics Team and designed by HUGS Ambassador Simone and friend Remi to raise funds and awareness for GMH Programs.)

We encourage students to bring their social change ideas to life by guiding them through every process of event planning, fundraising, graphic design, and marketing. We also encourage individuals to build partnerships within their community to boost support.

“We united with Give More HUGS to help students in need and to not only inspire kids to like learning, but to value it and take their learning to new places.” -Simone, HUGS Ambassador

Genius Hour gives students the opportunity to reach out to the community and help people around the world. This project was chosen because these young students believe that books are a key learning tool and everyone should have access to these basic tools. There are many students in the U.S. that don’t have access to books and school supplies, but it only takes one SPARK to ignite change. We commend these two young ladies for their hard work and look forward to seeing more greatness to come!

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