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Read Together campaign

Our Mission

At Give More HUGS, we continue to push for students from all backgrounds to develop a love for learning and literacy. During these difficult times, it is more imperative than ever that students still have the opportunity to grow as readers. To do our part in this challenging situation, we are launching #ReadTogether, a virtual reading together campaign. We want to continue to allow all students to keep learning and #ReadTogether. 

Meet these amazing teachers and learn first hand why they believe we should gather students, teachers, and parents to read together during this time:

What is the #ReadTogether campaign? 

Although we are all at home – students, parents, and teachers – we are still connected. There are still stories to be written, shared, and read. The purpose of the #ReadTogether campaign is to empower students, teachers, and parents to continue on in their quest towards personal and collective literacy through online book readings. Volunteers from all walks of life will read bedtime stories of all kinds to children around the world via social media with the intention of further fostering literacy. 

Why Read-Alouds are Important…

The best way for children to strengthen their reading skills is for them to listen to experienced readers. In this difficult time, as schools are closed, it is important that children continue to listen to strong readers to build their reading skills. With read-alouds children not only get to experience a simulated classroom environment, but also stay inspired in this difficult time with great stories. 

How can I participate?

The general idea is for you and someone in your house (if it’s just you, that’s alright!) to get together and read aloud a children’s book of your choice from Scholastic and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s. 

Calling students, teachers, and parents to join us in a Read Together campaign! Sign up if you are interested in being a part of our community of students and teachers who are sharing a love for reading. Visit us on Facebook to join our network of students and teachers to listen to children’s stories. 

Let’s share a love for reading together. Keep up to date with us on our social channels by following us: 

  • Instagram: @givemorehugsorg 
  • Facebook: @givemorehugs
  • Hashtags: #ReadTogether #TogetherAtHome #GiveMoreHugs #LeadToRead

Sending a HUGE thank you and a virtual HUG to publishers like Scholastic and HMH Books and Media for making read alouds possible during this difficult time!

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