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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The Texas based nonprofit organization Give More HUGS (GMH), is dedicated to providing children with books and school supplies to ensure they are successful in school today and for their future. The nonprofit empowers students, teachers and schools to share a love for reading through their BookShare project. To raise awareness for literacy and help ensure brand new books are provided to elementary students across Texas and beyond, teacher and student ambassadors are launching the Pennies for Literacy campaign. 

Starting Jan. 20, the Pennies for Literacy campaign’s purpose is to raise pocket change to give brand new books to students at Title I elementary schools. It’s time to rally classmates, teachers, administrators, staff, and community members to participate in Pennies for Literacy. Every dollar raised equals a brand new book for a student.

“The unique aspect of Give More HUGS is that older students are working with and reading to younger students. Younger students not only enjoy receiving a new book, but also the experiences reading with a student shows students supporting one another,” said Chris McGilvery, executive director of Give More HUGS.

“We are excited to provide brand new books to thousands of students because of our Pennies for Literacy campaign. We are even more excited that our student and teacher ambassadors are empowering more students to serve through our projects. It’s a circle of life.”

Once books are obtained, Give More HUGS works with student and teacher ambassadors across the country to gift books to students. In many cases, upper grades will go into each kindergarten, first grade and second grade classrooms to read with each student and surprise them at the end with their own brand new books. Such an event was recently accomplished at Adams Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas. 

“The mission of our Adams PTA program is geared at informing parents on educational topics related to our school, help foster partnerships between the parents and school staff, and more importantly to help parents get engaged in their child’s education. Our PTA board believes that the only proven way to increase academic success is by getting parents involved in their child’s learning. Our focused goal this year is to encourage parents to read to their child and to make reading together a daily part of their lives as a family,” said James Cuellar, PTA President of Adams Elementary. “We believe that the family that reads together, learns together.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to partner with the Give More HUGS organization that is supporting our effort to help encourage our parents/students to foster that love for reading through the BookShare Project peer reading learning experience.”

Every coin collected represents one student giving back and one student that will be impacted by our unique Bookshare project. As we work together to raise awareness saving change for books, our students and teachers are preparing for an amazing BookShare that will take place for Global Youth Service Day. The nonprofit Give More HUGS mentors and trains students and teachers to implement literacy based service projects like the BookShare and Pennies for Literacy to give students access to books and resources in underserved communities. Each ambassador and project benefits the local community in which the ambassador resides. 

Students or teachers interested in taking action through our literacy based service projects, please email for more information.  

About Give More HUGS
The mission of the organization is to unite with giving souls to provide youth with the tools to inspire a love for learning, reading, and creativity.  The vision is to empower youth to stand up for quality education for all. Visit for more information. 

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