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Senior Ambassadors

Remi White

New York

About Remi White

Remi has been a member of Give More HUGS since 2015. In her free time she enjoys playing soccer, baking cookies, spending time with her friends and family and playing the violin. She hopes that GMH will be able to help her continue making a positive change in the world, and inspire others to find something they're passionate about.

Ashley Lin

Camas, Washington

About Ashley Lin

Ashley is passionate about empowering youth to exercise a stronger voice in bringing positive change for their underprivileged peers. She is working hard to establish a nonprofit scholarship fund that will help students from all different socioeconomic sectors fully participate and take advantage of their extracurricular education. Outside of Give More HUGS, Ashley is involved with many student-led organizations, most notably as a state officer in the Washington Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). She believes that the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty is for underserved students to receive a quality education equal to that of their more affluent peers. Through Give More HUGS, Ashley knows she will be able to create social good on a global scale and help children everywhere elevate their future to what they deserve. She is also part of our social media and marketing teams!

Darin Iraj

New York

About Darin Iraj

Darin has been actively involved in community service and is an advocate of improving education for underprivileged children in nearby communities. His commitment to helping young children develop a passion for learning and success in school has driven Darin to volunteer and collect thousands of books for the Reach Out and Read Aloud Program, as well as tutor in local afterschool programs and participate in the New York Junior Tennis and Learning Program. Darin hopes to pursue a future in law, fighting for equality in education for underserved populations. In his free time, Darin enjoys being a part of his school business club, spanish club, school newspaper, sneaker blog, tennis, basketball, soccer and traveling. Darin is also a part of our social media and marketing teams!

Josephine Figeuroa

Killeen, Texas

About Josephine Figeuroa

Josephine has always had a knack for helping others. She believes that you can be a role model and a leader no matter how young you are, and credits her younger sister, Sophia, for helping her grow in that area. She is excited to continue working with Give More HUGS and expand the impact she has on students' lives!

Mackenzie Vasile

San Antonio, Texas

About Mackenzie Vasile

Mackenzie plans to take a gap year to do mission work and volunteer as much as she can before pursuing further educational opportunities.  She plans to attend dental school with the end goal of becoming a periodontist. Mackenzie is excited to be a Senior HUGS Ambassador and wants to continue spreading a love of reading and learning!

Rachel Boodram

New York

About Rachel Boodram

Rachel, a student at St. George’s University School of Medicine, is currently in New York gaining clinical experience. She is a woman of faith who loves children and has a passion for helping others. She was immediately intrigued by Give More HUGS, as it incorporates both of these things. She is excited to continue working with Give More HUGS!

Tiffany Baltierra

San Antonio, Texas

About Tiffany Baltierra

Tiffany grew up in a household where learning and curiosity was encouraged. Being taught the value of gratitude and hard work from parents who fully embody these qualities has had a profound impact on her life today. Tiffany is an active promoter of making prominent opportunities for student success at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Her goal in life is to become a leader who serves her  community and creates a lasting impact on this world, one person at a time. She is excited to be a Senior Ambassador with Give More HUGS, as well as take part in our social media and marketing teams!

Olivia Caulder


About Olivia Caulder

Olivia has been an Ambassador with Give More HUGS for several years now.  She enjoys playing the piano, spending time with her family and friends, being creative with art, and reading. She loves the opportunities it presents to make a difference within her community. She enjoys meeting new people and the challenges that come with working together as a team for a common goal.

Junior Ambassadors

Alexander Young

Greenwich, Connecticut

About Alexander Young

Alexander is a very positive person who likes to make people around him happy. Many people find that his laughter is contagious. He has prior experience with community service work, such as being a student TA at Hua Xia Chinese Language School and participating in his high school’s China Club. He loves helping people and contributing to his community.

Ben Fitzgerald

Norwalk, Connecticut

About Ben Fitzgerald

Ben is eager to help make a difference in the world. Outside of school, he volunteers with Religious Education at his church, sings in his church choir, plays in the jazz band, and geeks out with his friends at Gaming Club and Guitar Club. Ben enjoys playing his clarinet/saxophone, writing stories, reading (especially Sci-Fi), binge-watching Netflix, and going to restaurants with his friends. As a HUGS Ambassador, Ben is excited to positively change his community, learn leadership skills, and meet new people.

Camellia Zahiri

Los Angeles

About Camellia Zahiri

Camellia serves as a Los Angeles HUG Ambassador with her mom and friends, and loves giving 21 second HUGS!  Her favorite sport is gymnastics. She likes working hard and always tries her best with anything she does. She enjoys making new friends and being kind to everyone. She is excited to be part of the Give More HUGS learning adventure!

Cyrus Zahiri

Los Angeles

About Cyrus Zahiri

Cyrus, the twin brother of Camellia, loves traveling with his family and exploring new things. He loves playing the piano and the saxophone. He also enjoys playing tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, and studying math. He is a HUGS Ambassador because he likes helping and learning from others, and wants to make a difference in the world!

Carson Patterson

Greenville, South Carolina

About Carson Patterson

Carson has always had a passion for volunteer work and making a positive impact on people's lives. She has actively helped her school raise thousands of dollars for local charities. She believes that every child should have a secure, happy education with proper materials. She loves children, and one day hopes to become a pediatrician and volunteer for Doctors Without Borders.

Cassandra Keator


About Cassandra Keator

Cassandra has lived in many places, including Connecticut, Oregon, Dominica, and currently lives in Michigan. She loves nature and animals. She would love to make a difference for the children attending the schools in Dominica.

Chloe Balin

New York

About Chloe Balin

Chloe loves to read because she gets a different perspective of life from books. She grew up going to bookstores, libraries, and author signings. She wants to share this great appreciation to those that do not have access to books. She finds inspiration from her mother, a literacy specialist in an inner city NY school district, who is always looking for books for her students. She believes that there is no better gift that she can give to society than a love for literature and that books are life changers for all of us.

Claudia Rodriguez

Hartsdale, New York

About Claudia Rodriguez

Claudia enjoys figure skating and coaching in her spare time. Being part of an all girls Catholic high school has shaped who Claudia is today. She has been exposed to the importance of community and helping the less fortunate, and she realizes that there is so much we can do to help others. She joined GMH to help kids access and find a love for education in their lives. This has given her the chance to share her love and passion for learning with others who haven’t found that passion yet. She would love to help provide kids with everything they need to be granted the gift of knowledge as she knows the important of education in children’s future.

Cristina Pietromonaco

Fairfield, Connecticut

About Cristina Pietromonaco

Cristina is a an aspiring elementary school teacher and has studied at Sacred Heart University. She is involved Relay for Life, Education Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Freshman Orientation. Cristina is passionate about service and understands that, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”. She is a weekly volunteer at the Caroline House and the Horizons Program Saturday Academy sessions. A service trip to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation with Simply Smiles motivated her to continue to make a difference in the world. Pietromonaco strongly believes all students have the right to a quality education and Give More HUGS can help provide resources to students to gain the education they deserve. She also believes education is the key to an infinite amount of opportunities that every student should have access to.

Elizabeth Farassat

Rye, New York

About Elizabeth Farassat

Elizabeth loves to be active. She is a part of a variety of clubs such as the student senate, students against destructive decisions (SADD), and key club. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. She plays the flute, soccer, and her favorite subject is math. She wants to make sure that all kids have equal educational opportunities in order for them to strive and be successful. She wants to make a difference and create a positive change in the world!

Hayley Fitzsimmons

Temple, Texas

About Hayley Fitzsimmons

Hayley serves as a volunteer with the United Way, Ronald McDonald House, and various other charities through her school organizations and the Wildflower Belles Program. She is a member of the Superintendent Student Advisory Council, Teen Online Advisory Safety Team, Mu Alpha Theta, and Interact Club. She also serves as the president of the Spanish Club and as class historian. She is in the International Baccalaureate Program and the National Honor Society. Hayley believes working with Give More HUGS will create a lasting impact in not only her community, but the world. She feels that through the promotion of child literacy the world will be changed for the better.

Isabella Hanson


About Isabella Hanson

Isabella is the founder and president of the United Nations Girl Up group for her area. She is a part of the Treble Choir, Reading Olympics and theater group. Isabella believes in promoting gender equality in books, in education and in leadership. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, playing tennis and spending time with her little sister Victoria and her cat Midnight. Isabella is a HUGS Ambassador so she can help make a difference in the world.

Jemimah Telford

Mount Vernon, New York

About Jemimah Telford

Jemimah is originally from Guyana. She is pursuing an Associates of Science degree in Accounting at Westchester Community College. Her passion and background knowledge in accounting has led her to work as the business manager to the Viking News. She believes that the Give More Hugs Ambassadors program is an organization that will enable her to enhance her accountability and organizational skills. She is looking forward to continuously render community service that will enlighten and uplift the younger generation in her community.

Jordyn Jacobson

Armonk, New York

About Jordyn Jacobson

Jordyn enjoys participating in Model U.N, and volunteering through various programs. She hopes to continue making the world a better place through Give More HUGS.

Joy Davis

New York

About Joy Davis

Joy and her family have lived in many of different places, including the island of Dominica, and currently resides in New York. Joy’s family has hosted foreign exchange students. She loves hanging out with her family and friends, as well as playing the clarinet. She takes part in various sports including cross country, basketball, and track. She is a very social person and participates in many youth group activities, and loves giving back to the community.

Katherine Myers

Temple, Texas

About Katherine Myers

Katherine spends time volunteering at the Ralph Wilson Youth Club, working with children in her community. She participates in both the Spanish and Interact Clubs at her school. She wants to work with Give More HUGS to help provide children to access for the resources necessary to further their education and develop a love of reading.

Komal Roy


About Komal Roy

Komal is an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to work with tribal and rural communities to promote the empowerment of women. She is looking forward to learning new leadership skills and ways of thinking. She is excited to help provide educational resources to those in her community through GMH!

Lakeyia Joseph


About Lakeyia Joseph

From an early age, Lakeyia has stood up in support of young people and gender equality in Dominica. While in school she established a charity called Golden Opportunities which donates clothes, shoes and school supplies to children from low-income families, as well as provide emotional and psychological support. To date, the organization has distributed over $10,000 worth of supplies to children and young adults. She is now working to establish the Golden Empowerment Foundation, which seeks to motivate young people through education, sport and training, and promote greater understanding of gender equality. In 2017, the High Commissioner of Canada in Barbados named her Dominica’s Youth Champion and Ambassador for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality, and received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for 2018, from Her Majesty The Queen. She is excited to continue her societal contributions with Give More HUGS.

Lindsey Morais

Bridgeport, West Virginia

About Lindsey Morais

Lindsey is a member of French Club, French Honorary, and Drug Free Clubs of America. She is determined to make a difference in the quality of education for schools in her community.

Madisyn Dickerson

Killeen, Texas

About Madisyn Dickerson

Madisyn is a member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She plays volleyball, softball and participates in the Powerlifting Club. Her future goals include attending Baylor University and studying anesthesiology through their medical program. She joined Give More HUGS to make a difference in the world, to spread the love of reading and to help make sure all students have an equal opportunity to education.

Mia Moore

Corpus Christi, Texas

About Mia Moore

Mia likes to run, kitesurf, and draw. She is currently trying to learn to play the trumpet and to pole vault, and one day, she hopes to be good enough to do both at the same time. She is excited to make a difference with Give More HUGS!

Ria Voodi

Los Angeles

About Ria Voodi

Ria enjoys playing the viola, tennis, watching movies and TV shows, hanging out with her friends and family, working with other people, and helping others. She likes to travel with her family. She values education and holds herself to high standards. She believes having a love for learning, reading, and being creative is very important to an individual's overall success in life. She wants to create opportunity for those who otherwise would not have it. She wants to come forward, be a leader in her generation, and make an impact!

Sabrina Ghirmay


About Sabrina Ghirmay

Sabrina graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting Information systems. She is interested in the HUGS Ambassador Program because she has a passion for helping underprivileged students and she believes that this is a perfect program to channel that. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. One of their key programmatic thrusts is education development. She is excited to get her sorority involved in GMH!

Sasha Avakyan


About Sasha Avakyan

Sasha is an instrumentalist and enjoys spending time with her friends in various student-run clubs at school. She plans to attend a university program for biomedical engineering. Sasha strives to be an accomplished part of the Give More HUGS team and create a difference in the lives of individuals by serving as a leader. Give more HUGS is an experience and responsibility she wishes to assume and carry through after completing her secondary education. She hopes to spread the wealth of knowledge to students regardless of their economic background and social status.

Tabitha "Thelo" Lewis

San Antonio, Texas.

About Tabitha "Thelo" Lewis

Tabitha’s favorite subject is math. They want to major in mechanical engineering and gender studies in college. They are excited about the Give More HUGS program because they love volunteering and hopes to give new opportunities to both those in need of education materials and those who want to help. In Thelo’s free time, they love to knit with their cat, Boa.