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Written by student ambassador Ria Voodi

The COVID-19 pandemic has single-handedly changed our lives as we know it. We now learn virtually, we attend meetings virtually, we work virtually, and so on. Similarly, due to social distancing guidelines, we’re also limited in the activities we can do. However, just because we’re all stuck at home doesn’t mean that we stop serving our communities and stop growing our leadership. That’s why Give More HUGS is so proud to announce our Free Virtual Leadership Conference presented by students and teachers! 

This conference is an opportunity for students and teachers to connect and for all of us to grow our leadership skills. Leadership is an essential aspect of being able to spark change in your community. Especially given the current situation, it becomes increasingly important that students and teachers continue to grow their leadership and continue to better their communities. Learning from other students and other teachers not only creates a network but it also helps us learn various ways to have an impact on our communities. 

We have a wonderful lineup of teachers and students presenting! 

Feel free to check them out here:

If you’re interested in signing up for the conference, register here:

***Students who register and attend can earn service hours.

Questions? E-mail

We hope to see you all there!

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