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In.Light.In. is a community ministry located in Portsmouth, Dominica organized by Ross University School of Medicine students, faculty, and spouses. Every Friday afternoon volunteers join local children in the park to play games, make crafts, and share a meal. They also help with buying groceries and donating clothing, toys, and school supplies to those families and students in need.

(Image: In.Light.In volunteers and GMH leaders Christy Wallace (left) and Tara Jorski (right) work with the children to create crafts and encourage learning.)

Give More HUGS has had the privilege of providing school supplies, extracurricular sporting equipment, food, and basic hygiene products to In.Light.In. on several occasions and provided much happiness to those children in the park.

“When we had the kids make thank you notes for the donors they were VERY enthusiastic to share their excitement and gratitude.” -Rebecca Aaron, former leader, In.Light.In.

(Image: Children and leaders of In.Light.In show their support by holding GMH banners in Benjamin Park, Portsmouth, Dominica.)

Give More HUGS is excited to be able to make an impact with In.Light.In. and looks forward to many more opportunities to give back to this beautiful community.

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