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Help us impact 20,000 students with brand new books, school supplies, and leadership trainings at underfunded schools across Texas and beyond. Donate on Giving Tuesday to help change students’ lives. Your support will empower our students and teachers to work together on service projects that support underfunded schools.

This holiday season, we say—“HUGS and THANKS to teachers and students who change lives“; that’s why we created our #GivingTuesday fundraiser to support our student and teacher led programs that provide service projects to take action for education equity and literacy for students in underfunded and underserved schools. Support a 100% volunteer run organization operated by students and teachers.  It’s simple.

  1. You can donate to our founder’s Facebook fundraiser on Dec 3, 2019 starting at 7am Central Time.
  2. You can share HUGS and THANKS to people in your life that you are grateful for and ask them to donate too. Official hashtag #GiveHUGSgiveTHANKS
 Your support will raise awareness of our cause and help empower students and teachers to change the world. It’s easy to get started—make a donation on Giving Tuesday to help us impact 20,000 students’ lives in 2020, then share gratitude with 3 individuals who have helped you, tag them and ask them to support our cause and share gratitude with three individuals. Your support will help us reach our 10,000 fundraiser goal for Giving Tuesday!

Founder Chris McGilvery started the nonprofit organization Give More HUGS to unite communities, to help students in need after living in Dominica. Over 7 years ago, Give More HUGS began its journey to provide resources to students in underserved areas, and today the organization has evolved to empower students (middle school, high school, and college students) and teachers to be leaders in their communities and help underserved students. This school year, we have 30 Student Ambassadors and 10 Teacher Ambassadors who represent the passion and drive to “be the change.” Let’s keep our mission and momentum going — we need your love and support today! Help us reach our goal of $10,000! Get involved—support our mission and #GiveHUGSgiveTHANKS to those teachers and mentors in your life and ask them to donate to help change students’ lives. 

We are very thankful for our amazing team of Student and Teacher Ambassadors that have been working hard all year to host events to improve education and literacy access for students in need. They dedicate their time to leadership trainings, book and supply drives, book signings, free BookShare fairs, back to school events, service projects and spreading the message of Give More HUGS far and wide. As part of our #giveHUGSgiveTHANKS challenge, we want to recognize these amazing leaders! They are essential to our organization and we are so grateful for everything that they do! Each of our Ambassadors brings a special skill to our team, and their passion for making a difference and helping others is a true example of what it is to be there for one another. 

JOIN US and post your #GiveHUGSgiveTHANKS challenge today and ask your friends and family to donate to Give More HUGS on Giving Tuesday.

Name of the campaign: Give HUGS, Give Thanks Challenge

Official hashtag: #giveHUGSgiveTHANKS


  1. Post a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where you name 3 people you want to give HUGS and THANKS to. 
  2. Tell the world why you are thankful for each person! Ask your audience to help you raise funds to support students and teachers at Title 1 Schools through the #giveHugsgiveThanks fundraiser challenge
  3. Challenge your friends and relatives to do the same.
  4. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #giveHUGSgiveThanks and our #GivingTuesday Fundraiser link to help us raise $10,000

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