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HUGS Book Share Program

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Countless amounts of used texts and literature are handed to the dumping grounds, while there are children who do not have a book to call their own. Our HUGS Book Share program provides new or gently used books, each with a handwritten inspirational message, to encourage and empower students in need. We are able to share the love of reading with students in underserved communities by hosting book fairs and book signing events throughout the year.

Why HUGS Book Share?

There are 31.4 million children who live in low-income families across the United States. Millions of children do not have access to quality and relevant books in their homes. Give More Hugs (GMH) believes a child will develop a love for reading when they can cherish their own book. The HUGS Book Share program is unique because we will provide books with handwritten inspirational messages inside to spark the love for reading and provide encouragement to students who need it most.

This is how YOU can help:

Be a part of the HUGS Book Share because it’s all “For the Love of Reading!” We are always looking for dedicated and passionate volunteers to help share the love of reading for students in underserved communities. There are many ways you can help give books and words of encouragement to students in need. Together, we can change students’ lives!

HUGS Book Share volunteers:

  • Host book drives.
  • Host book signing events to sign each book with inspirational messages.
  • Host a bookshare fair at a public library, Title 1 School or approved organized serving students in low-income communities.