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HUGS Ambassador Program

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Our HUGS Ambassador Program provides the opportunity for students, middle school through college level, to participate in creating change within their community by increasing awareness about students in need and providing the essential tools to help foster their academic success. Ambassadors work together throughout the school year to plan events that inspire, motivate, and encourage change in the lives of students.

We believe students have the ability to drive change in their communities. Every student has a voice that can positively impact those around them. The trainings and mentorship opportunities that our ambassadors receive guide each student to impact up to 1,000 students’ lives.

HUGS Ambassadors change students’ lives as they complete the program requirements:

  • Attend online trainings throughout the school year 
  • Receive support from former ambassadors and professional advisors to impact the lives of students in low-income communities 
  • Meet via video conferencing 3 times each school year
  • Have the opportunity to attend a regional ambassador collaboration event

Eligibility for the HUGS Ambassador program:

  • Student currently enrolled in middle school, high school or college (undergraduate and graduate students).
  • Student should have volunteer experience in their community.
  • Display a passion to volunteer.
  • Must be ready to serve the children in most need who live in their community.
  • Committed to sharing our mission and love for learning, reading and creativity with your community.